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Useful Links

 Links Updated 10/28/2011

FIREARMS MANUFACTURERS: Lots of good infomation about manufacturer's products and accessories.  Many offer online downloads of firearms owner's manuals.  Adobe Acrobat is usually required for downloading the owner's manuals.  A free Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded at:

 Browning Firearms:  



European American Arms (EAA):

Marlin Firearms:



Smith & Wesson:

Springfield Armory:

Sturm-Ruger & Company:



Winchester (US Repeating Arms):

 For other firearm and accessory manufacturers not listed above

SILHOUETTE TARGET MANUFACTURER:  Cast rifle silhouette (1/5 scale) targets.

Ray Shafer:


FIREARMS FORUM  AND USEFUL INFORMATION WEB SITES:  Forum type websites where you can get technical information, read and post questions and comments on a variery of firearms.  No cost registration is required to post questions and replies but not to read the posts.


CSP Gun Talk:

Gun Talk Online:   


Marlin Owners:

(Ruger) Mark II Organization:  for questions or information about the Ruger Mark II/ Mark III and 22/45)

Rimfire Central:

Firearms Manuals: (Not a forum but you can download a lot of Owner's Manuals from this site.)

The Firing Line:

The Model 1911 Pistol Organization: 

Useful links and information on where to shoot:


Missouri Sport Shooting Association:  This is the state association for NRA and CMP.  Also links to Missouri Carry formum.

Civilian Marksmanship Program:

National Rifle Association:

National Shooting Sports Foundation:

International Handgun Metallic Shooting Association:

International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union:

National Skeet Shooting Association:

National Sporting Clays Association:

USA Shooting:


 Target Download Sites:  List courtesy of Rimfire Central (see link above).

Many sites require Adobe Acrobat to download the targets.  If you don't have Adobe, it can be downloaded from link at the top, or, most sites have a download link.

 A 2-page compendium of standard type targets, game-play targets and critters in HTML, GIF or PDF formats.

From the Beartooth Bullets site, standard type targets and a couple of critters.

A variety of targets including sight in, benchrest and critters.

6 targets, including one of Osama.

A couple of standard targets and a couple of varmint targets.

A really large selection of targets of all types in PDF format. This is a must see.

Some bold GIF targets, also available together in one zip file.

Another extensive target collection in GIF format.

Some nice JPEG targets.

Several zip files containing a variety of targets.

PDF target collection.

Target site from Germany.

Good selection of targets in PDF.

Decent selection of mostly sight-in targets with a couple of Osamas.

A target site from Russia.



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